How To Stay

Pediatric social workers and/or patient navigators make all referrals to stay at Ronald McDonald House.  Contact the hospital unit or clinic caring for your child and request to speak with the social worker.

Patient Age Requirement

Ronald McDonald House provides lodging for families who have pediatric patients.  We consider children eighteen (18) years of age or younger as pediatric.  Patients who are over the age of 18, but are being treated by a pediatrician, qualify also.

Women whose unborn child is being treated/monitored in the Fetal Medicine Program qualify for referral, too.


Additional Requirements

Any person staying at Ronald McDonald House must be 18 years of age or older OR must be accompanied by their parent or guardian OR must be married (thus, changing their legal status to  majority.)  Fetal Medicine Program referrals have specific, additional requirements.

Individuals referred to Ronald McDonald House must be eligible to visit the patient per hospital policies.  Individuals must be referred on official RMH referral form by authorized social worker.  RMH staff cannot allow unauthorized individuals to stay overnight.


Hospitals Served

Ronald McDonald House serves hospitals within the metro-Jackson area that have pediatric and/or fetal medicine services.

Following are hospitals/clinics we serve:


What services are provided?

Overnight lodging with a private bedroom and bath.  Families share the “common areas” – kitchen, living room, laundry room and dining area – with other families.


What does it cost to stay?

A donation of $8 per night is recommended, however no family is required to donate.


General Information

Ronald McDonald House has been established with a home-like atmosphere.  Families contribute to this home-like atmosphere through completing daily housekeeping tasks.  Tasks take about 10 minutes to complete.

Also, families are asked to clean their room upon checking-out.  We do not employ an in-house maid/cleaning service, so families caring for their room helps keep costs down.

While at Ronald McDonald House, families are supplied with linens for the bedroom and bath area and with cleaning supplies for washing clothes and keeping room clean.  Food is available for self-preparation and most evening meals are provided and served at pre-established times.