Ethan Marsh in front of some balloons.


Janet stayed at the Ronald McDonald House so that doctors could closely monitor her high-risk pregnancy.  Soon after, Janet’s son Ethan (38 weeks) was born at Batson Children’s Hospital.  His doctors said that he wouldn’t survive due to numerous health issues.  He was born with DI George Syndrome, one kidney, a clubbed foot, and a congenital heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF).  Shortly after delivery a team of surgeons performed Ethan’s first heart surgery.  The family left the Ronald McDonald House as a family of 3 after spending 3 months in the hospital and with a life expectancy of 5 years old for baby Ethan.  Two years later, Janet’s family returned to the Ronald McDonald House for Ethan to undergo his second heart surgery.  Janet’s family left the Ronald McDonald House 5 months later with the wonderful news that Ethan’s heart was completely fixed and healed and that he would not need any further surgeries.

“We lived at the Ronald McDonald House for 5 months and everyone there treated us like family! We loved everyone that worked there.  We love all of his doctors at Batson and we’re very blessed to have them.” – Janet

“Thank you, Ronald McDonald House, for taking care of us during those tragic times.” – Janet